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Electrical Installations

My first contact with Electrical Installations started in 2011 in my junior year at college (I have degree in Civil Engineering in Brazil) when I started to study the fundamentals, be introduced to common problems, took knowledge of the local codes and made rigorous exam. I have seen some electricity applied in several disciplines, but the one that I really went deep on the subject was:

Also, at that time, due to my ease in that field and even before finish my graduation, I was asked to design some electrical projects for an engineering and an architectural company (images below). I elaborated the whole electrical installations design for one luxury house and two small houses.

After graduate, in my professional experience, I was working in a budget sector of a large real estate company specialized in residential towers (images below). There, I naturally became responsible for the estimate of all the electrical installations (as well the hydraulic installations and reinforced concrete structures), so I maintained daily contact with the field reading hundreds of blueprints, and design, manufacturing and code specifications for a few residential towers.

Moreover, I cannot be defined only for my formation and knowledge. I am better defined as someone constantly improving. Someone who abdicated everything already achieved to build a bright future here.

Thus, I invite you to contact me anytime by email at or by phone at 857-268-8179 or visit my personal website for additional information.


Guilherme Pereira